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Gigi Karmous Handbags

Fashion Forward Handbags for Professional Women

The Designer

Gigi Karmous-Edwards is the owner and designer of Uvo Designs. All of Gigi’s designs are infused with Gigi's values of quality and functionality and her love of style and fashion.

Gigi started Uvo Designs in pursuit of fulfilling one goal: to design and produce her vision of fashion-forward, stylish handbags for professional women, something that had eluded her as she traveled the world giving talks on her research. She searched for years for the perfect handbag to take her from her work meetings directly to stylish dinners to no avail. She named the company Uvo (pronounced You‐vo), which in Italian means egg and symbolizes life, rebirth, and renewal. It was the perfect word to represent the career transition from research science and engineering to artists and entrepreneur.

Gigi now has two product lines: the Uvo line includes her first two handbags, the Uvo and Loci, and the Gigi Karmous line which is specifically designed to meet the needs of professional women.